The 66th European Go Congress 2024, 26.07-10.08 Toulouse

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The 66th European Go Congress 2024, 26.07-10.08 Toulouse

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66-й Європейський Го Конгрес 2024 року, відбудеться з 26 липня по 10 серпня, в м. Тулуза, Франція.
Dear Ukrainian go friends,
As previously announced, the ENAC Aviation School, our host for the 2024 European Go Congress in Toulouse, is providing student studio accommodations. We have secured highly favorable rates exclusively for volunteers and the first pre-registered individuals, which includes you: starting from €12.60 per night (without fixed cost for cleaning and linen & toilet kit) !
Located on the ENAC campus, you'll be in the heart of the congress venue, staying in compact studios equipped with a small kitchen and a private bathroom with a shower. A limited number of studios with a bed for couples are also available.
Please find all the costs depending on the type of room:
Cost per night
one time fixed cost (sheets, linen, toilet kit) & cleaning
“Studette”single 12 m²
9,80 €
28,93 €
Studio single
16 m²
12,60 €
28,93 €
Studio for disabled person (PMR) 20 m²
12,60 €
28,93 €
Studio VIP double 20 m²
39,90 €
32,20 €
The options ``bathroom" (kit) and "cleaning" are mandatory as per our agreement with the school. Cleaning service (20mn) is done after you leave the room.
To confirm your reservation, you would need to pay for your room in advance.
IMPORTANT: We do not handle reservations; this task is managed by the local service provider. Attached is a tutorial (see attachment) guiding you through the reservation process and providing instructions for cancellations if needed.
You have priority access to this accommodation until January 1, 2024. After this date, all delegates will be able to reserve these accommodations.
We are fully committed to ensuring you have the best experience at the EGC :)

The EGC Team
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Re: The 66th European Go Congress 2024, 26.07-10.08 Toulouse

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Newsletter – EGC 2024

Dear go players and go lovers! This is it, we are in 2024 finally, and you are all so incredible: we now have more than 830 registered participants!!!

The EGC 2024 team is super excited to see how quickly time flies and how fast the Congress is approaching. We hope that you are also counting the days with enthusiasm and sharpening your motivation by solving tsumego daily to get stronger by July.

Eager to see you!

Now, in this newsletter we have plenty of new information.

Practical: accommodation and flight discounts
An interview with Ziga, co-founder of Razum, one of our sponsor
2nd ISGS International Conference on Go Studies
All the great things we are working on and will give updates about hopefully soon
Bonus: the replay of a workshop with the 2023 European Champion



One very important point many of you are asking about is accommodation. As you know, France is a bit expensive on average, and Toulouse is no exception. Therefore, our team has worked on negotiating a few solutions.

You will find more details on the accommodation page, but let’s sum it up:

Rooms on the EGC site: small budgets, solo or couple participants [unfortunately, right now the rooms are all booked!]

Nearby hotels and more: comfort options

We also negotiated with another booking platform, for comfortable options. They are listed on the Revolugo platform, you can find more details on the accommodation page.

You can also check the AirBnB options or anything else you can find that looks better to you. If you need advice or wish to find people to maybe share a room with, you can use the dedicated discord channel.

The final objective is for everyone to have a good place to sleep soundly and safely and not be broke after the EGC!

Flight discounts

Flying to the EGC
We made a small announcement previously, but you may have missed it! Although we encourage you to come by less CO2-friendly means, it’s obviously not possible for everyone.

Thus, for those coming by plane, there is a possibility to get a discount if you fly to Toulouse Blagnac airport with Skyteam Alliance or a company from the Lufthansa group. Please check the dedicated “venue” page to find the links to the booking pages and the discount codes.


If for an unknown reason you found yourself wandering on the blog page of the website, you may have noticed an update. We interviewed one of our sponsors, who is also a very active go player: Žiga Hajduković. In this interview, we learn more about Razum and its love for go, discuss of Žiga’s go journey, the situation of go in Slovenia, the links between go and business and so on.

“We are an R&D company with a focus on top-quality custom mobile app development. This means we only have the highest-quality talent in our team, and we only work with partners who are also interested in the excellence we deliver. I believe this focus on quality requires great mental effort, and this is where go comes in. I think it’s the perfect game to practice to keep your mind sharp and focused. Not to mention the countless other skills and types of thinking one can deduct from go and apply to real life problems.”

You can read the full article here


Last year, the very first International Conference on Go Studies took place in Korea, bringing together academics and enthusiasts to discuss of various go-related topics connected to AI. The first edition was a success, with go players and researchers sharing insights on their work over cheating with AI, teaching and a wide range of go topics that led to fruitful discussions. There was also a poster competition to present successful go-related projects.

This year, the second edition will be held in Toulouse on August 7th and the call for papers is already open on the general theme “AI-Powered Strategies and Innovations in Go”

“The conference is dedicated to exploring the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into the world of go. It provides a platform for sharing insights, research findings, and innovative ideas across various facets of AI and go, spanning from game strategies to ethics, education and promotion.”

Submission deadline for proposals is April 1st.
The topics are as follows:

1. AI-Enhanced Go Strategies and Game Evolution: This category welcomes presentations that delve into how AI has revolutionized strategic thinking, opening theory, endgame knowledge in go, and its profound impact on the game’s rules, formats, and the emergence of new variants.

2. AI in Go Training, Analysis, and Education: Share your expertise on AI-powered training tools and methodologies for players of all levels, AI’s role in game analysis, providing insights for players and commentators, and integrating AI and go into educational curricula.

3. Ethical Considerations: This topic focuses on the responsible and ethical use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the game of go. Presentations in this category will explore questions related to fairness, transparency, and the ethical challenges arising from AI’s involvement in Go.

4. Human-AI Collaboration: Presentations in this category will highlight successful partnerships between humans and AI in go, where AI complements human strengths and enhances the overall playing and learning experience.

5. Promoting Go with AI: Share your strategies and initiatives for using AI to promote and spread the game of go, both locally and globally. Discuss the profound impact AI has on the go community.

6. Beyond Go: Explore AI’s applications in other strategy games, cognitive science and its broader implications in the field of artificial intelligence.

7. Beyond AI: Presentations on this topic are not related to AI but focus on other aspects of go, allowing for a broader exploration of the game.

8. Future Directions: Speculate on the future of go and AI, including potential innovations and research directions that will shape the landscape of this ancient game.

For more information, please check the website.


Practical: Food

Food is a crucial topic. We are trying to arrange meals on site at a decent price, as well as breakfast options and a permanent snack place. We’ll keep you informed, but rest reassured: nobody should starve during EGC, otherwise we’d clearly have failed :(

Practical: Airport shuttles

Depending on the possibilities, we will try to arrange shuttles to pick you up from the airport to the ENAC site, as it’s not so easy to travel through the city after a long trip if you don’t speak French.

Excursions and visits

You may have received a form to express your interest in excursions during EGC, thank you for your answers. We are now processing all of it to see what can be done that will satisfy most players and be the best, considering the season and prices.

We will soon share a new form to pre-register for the excursions (so we know roughly how many people will want to join!).

Professional players

Aha, you want to know right? Well, it’s in process. We want EGC to be a great experience for players and visitors and not just be a giant tournament. We expect a wide range of professional players from Europe, China, Japan and Korea to join for masterclasses, reviews and simultaneous games.


How to fight big moyos

In a one-hour workshop, Andrii Kravets 1p, 2023 European Champion, tells us more about moyo and how to deal with them. A very precious masterclass that may be the key to improving before the EGC…

You can watch the replay on the YouTube channel of the French Go Federation, the workshop itself is in English.

This workshop was organized on Twitch together with the French Online Go League and the French Go Federation’s series of workshops, in partnership with the EGC. The objective is to introduce you to some of the key players and teachers of the EGCs and... make you stronger!

Watch now:

That was all!

See you soon for more news! Meanwhile, feel free to ask your questions and say hi in our Discord Channel “EGC 2024”!