9th European Youth Team Championship

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9th European Youth Team Championship

Сообщение Dmitriy » 19 сен 2022, 11:28

Dear all,

we are happy to invite you and the European Youth to take part in the 9th European Youth Team Championship. It will be organized by the EGF and will take place from November to February online on the KGS Go Server or on OGS.

The webpage https://eygtc.eurogofed.org/2022/ has been updated with all the essential details. Probably most important for now is the registering deadline: You should register your team no later than October 15th 2022. I'd be happy if you could confirm to me as early as possible that you will participate, you don't have to send me all participants at once. Registering the full team should happen latest on October 18th. You can still add team members later during the ongoing tournament but not more than 3!

The rules are designed so that also smaller EGF countries can participate! If you think there are too few young players in your country then this is not a problem: simply join forces with other countries and form a multi-country team!

If the number is odd, last year's second placed team, France, can start with two teams. The second team (or team B) must be composed only of U12 players.

The russian team has to be sadly uninvited due to the ongoing war in Ukraine. Decision of the EGF, find details here.

Looking forward to another exciting season

Kind regards,
Lorenz Trippel, former EGF Secretary, EGD rating manager, EYGTC organizer