SEYGO Tour Summer Go Camp in Zaostrog, July 1-8, 2019

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SEYGO Tour Summer Go Camp in Zaostrog, July 1-8, 2019

Сообщение Артем » 08 апр 2019, 11:47

Подія: Літній Го табір у м. Заострог (Хорватія), частина туру SEYGO.
Дати: 1-8 липня 2019р.
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Отримав листа від організаторів першого турніру серії у м. Vatra Dornei (Румунія):

We are organizing a bus trip from Vatra Dornei to Zaostrog, Croatia for the third stage of SEYGO tour.
If you have people from Ukraine interested they could join us with the bus, the travel price will be quite reasonable if bus is full ( about 50 places) .
If people come they can spend a night in VD to rest , i can arrange something.
Also, they can use the vouchers from Vatra Dornei to cover some expenses in Zaostrog.
Children who play the tournament will all stay in a camp like place with shared bathroom, parents and families can get bungalows very close for almost same price ( 37 euro per day with half board, breakfast and dinner) .
Please let me know if there are people interested.

Організовують автобус з Румунії, близько до кордону з Україною. Перед поїздкою можна буде переночувати у Румунії, з житлом на цю ніч щось обіцяють придумати.
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Re: SEYGO Tour Summer Go Camp in Zaostrog, July 1-8, 2019

Сообщение nataliaM » 25 май 2019, 19:04

Надійшов лист від Каталіна Тарану про остаточні умови організації поїздки до м.Заострог (Хорватія) з Ватри-Дорней.Він просив розповсюдити цю інформацію і зацікавлених зв'язатися з ним.
Dear all,

This is final information about bus trip to Zaostrog, if other people from Ukraine are interested to join please share the info and tell them to contact me.

Bus schedule and route :

- the bus will start from Vatra Dornei around noon 30th June. It will cross Romanian border at Satu Mare, then cross Hungary by Budapest and Balaton lake, the enter directly in Croatia where we cross Zagreb on route to final destination. The entire trip is estimated to last max. 18-20 hours, including breaks. Check in in Zaostrog starts from 12 pm, noon.

Bus price :

- Basic bus price, including highway taxes is 3000 euro. 2 drivers ( accommodation and meals during event) cost is 500 euro. Total bus price is 3500 euro. including return. This will be shared between all people who take
a seat in the bus. For now we have 39 people who firmly applied ( including you ) .
This means that price for one person is about 90 euro, it can decrease a little if other people will join us.

Vatra Dornei accommodation :

- price i got from hotel Calimani is double than at our festival, 20 euro per person in a double room. I think is not good, we will check more pensions for a more reasonable price and come back to you.

Feel free to ask me anything related to this.

Best regards,