5th Annual World Collegiate Championships

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5th Annual World Collegiate Championships

Сообщение Dmitriy » 14 фев 2018, 14:19


5th Annual World Collegiate Championships

Here are details of the 5th Annual World Collegiate Championship (AWCC), organised by the International University WEICHI Federation (IUWF), the Shanghai Ing Chang-Ki Wei Chi Educational Foundation, the British Go Association and Cambridge University Go Society. Previous events have been held in Hong Kong, Beijing, Toronto and Bangkok.

Here is a detailed timetable (in Chinese and English).

Accommodation will be provided in Robinson College, by courtesy of the Shanghai Ing Chang-Ki Wei Chi Educational Foundation.

Entry, which may be limited, is open to all University Students. Here are the detailed Regulations. Please note that we have been informed that women entrants can opt to play in the women's section (Group E) or the Open sections (Groups A to D).

If you wish to apply please download and complete the pdf Application Form or the Excel Application Form, complete it and sign it then send it to awcc@britgo.org. We will acknowledge receipt.

Closing date for entries is April 13. Please note that because numbers are limited it may not be possible to accept all entries. We will confirm if your entry has been accepted by April 22nd.
ChangQi Cup

The semi-finals of the ChangQi Cup will be played alongside the AWCC, at the Doubletree Hotel. The two semi-final matches each consist of up to three games. The first two games will be played on Wednesday and Thursday, July 11 and 12, with the third game (if necessary) on Friday July 13.

We hope to be providing travel from Heathrow Airport, but we appreciate that this may not be the most convenient airport for all participants. Here will be details of how to get to Cambridge from the other London airports, and from the Eurostar Terminal for those coming through the Channel Tunnel by train (not yet available).