Конференція з культури Го, Hangzhou, China

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Конференція з культури Го, Hangzhou, China

Сообщение Dmitriy » 09 дек 2017, 15:23

Хто хоче та може написати доповідь про розвиток го в Україні, або про культуру го в Україні, або ще якусь доповідь про що-небудь, той може прийняти участь у Конференції з культури Го, Hangzhou, China. Запрошення надається.
За довідками звертайтесь:
пошта - dmitriy_ufgo@ua.fm
тел. 063 620 59 04 Дмитро Яценко

Dear Ukraine Go Association,

This is the Go Culture Research Department of Hangzhou Branch of China Qi-yuan.

Firstly, thanks for your support for our Shanglv Cup International Amateur tournament held in 2017. It is the most "international" tournament we have ever had with more than 10 countries' Go players coming.

However, some players we invited finally decided to quit the tournament because of the high travel costs. In addition, some players show high interest on Go culture Research while their Go skill ranks are relatively low so they finally choose not to come to the tournament.

When we hear that sad news, we feel very shame about our job. It is us who did not introduce the Go Culture conference well so that rare Go lovers know the fantastic event.

Each year at the mid of October we hold an international Go culture conference, researchers, go players, institution leaders and all Go lovers can participate in this conference, doing presentations, debating and discussing about Go culture themes from different subjects such as history and AI. We usually publish the project bidding announcement at the end of each year to give more than half years' time for authors to apply and write the paper.

Attached is the Project Bidding Announcement for 2018's International Go Culture Conference and application forms. We sincerely hope you can help us to send them to the go community in your area. The procedure of applying is also quite easy:

1. Fill the application form and send to us (this email address).

2. Wait for the response if the application is approved after the peer review.

3. Sign the contract and get the sponsored funds.

4. Write the paper and hand it in before deadline.

5. Receive the invitation letter and plan for the Hangzhou Go Culture journey.

6. Attend the conference, making presentations and having fun with other paper authors.

P.S. 1. If the paper is good enough, we will select it publish it into books. Authors can get 5 copies of the book.

2. Don't worry about the language, we will translate the papers into Chinese and we will arrange 1-1 simultaneous translators for all foreign paper writers.

3. All 5-star hotel board and lodging fees during the conference will be covered by us.

All the details can also be found in attached documents.

Feel free to contact us if there are any questions.

Best Regards

Tingshan Gao, Yuanbo Zhang
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Re: Конференція з культури Го, Hangzhou, China

Сообщение December » 09 дек 2017, 17:36

Дмитро Олександрович, це дуже цікава пропозиція. Вкажіть, будь ласка, граничні терміни подачі анкет та робіт, щоб заявники мали більш чітке уявлення.

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Re: Конференція з культури Го, Hangzhou, China

Сообщение Dmitriy » 09 дек 2017, 18:42

Лист отримав 6 грудня 2017 р.

"before 25thDecember 2017"

Hangzhou Branch of China Qi-Yuan
2018 Qi Culture Research ‘8+X’ Projects and Special Projects Bidding Announcement

In order to deepen Qi (Weiqi, Xiangqi and Chess) Culture Research, intensify qualitative and quantitative research methods and provide instructional and operational suggestions for the development of Qi industry, after research Hangzhou Branch of China Qi-Yuan decides to carry out 2018 Qi Culture ‘8+X’ Projects and Special Projects Bidding Work.
Currently, the development of China Qi sport faces new trends, new variations, new projects and new challenges, among which younger-age trend and intelligence trend are two most important trends and challenges. Therefore, this time’s project bidding insists on the combination of problem-oriented and pattern-oriented research aim, of individual and common problems research field, and of qualitative and quantitative research methods, in order to provide thoughtful, targeted, instructional and operational ideas and suggestions for the development of Qi industry. The announcement is published as below:

1. Bidding Projects
This time’s projects include two categories:

1.1 The ‘8+X’ Projects:
(1) The research of the status and function of Qi culture in the historical progress of realizing Chinese dream;
This Project intends to explore the important function that Qi culture makes on different aspects of current China such as politics, economics, culture, society, technology, diplomacy and military. It mainly explores the functional routes to draw this big picture.

(2) The research of the status and function of Qi sport in the development of Chinese history;
This project focuses on history, reviews the successful or failing experience in the developing process of ancient Chinese politics, economics, culture, society, technology, diplomacy and military. It mainly explores the political function of Qi culture on the development of current Chinese society.

(3) The research of inner connection of Four Arts, namely Chinese zither, Qi, calligraphy and painting
This project mainly focuses on the research of Four Arts, but also includes Chunqiu Six Arts (music, archery, mathematics, ritual, chariot-riding and calligraphy) and Qing Dynasty Eight Elegant things (Qi, Chinese zither, Calligraphy, Painting, Poetry, Alcohol, Flower and Tea). It intends to explore the relationship between Qi and other Chinese traditional arts.

(4) The research of the modernization of Qi tournament principles and system.
This project intends to analyse the current rules and regulations of both professional and amateur tournaments, provides the reform suggestions of modernizing the rules and regulations of Qi tournament.

(5) The research of the inner discipline and mechanism of the selection, cultivation
andthe outlet after retiring of professional players.
This project focuses on the living period and growing pattern of professional players, meanwhile regards on the developing problem after retired, to provide targeted countermeasures of strengthening cultivation mechanism and reform innovation of professional players.

(6) The research of history and current situation of Chinese and global Qi culture.
This project hopes to find out the historical development trend, researches the problems cultivated during the development process of Qi culture under the background of younger-age trend and provides suggestions for Qi culture to advance to the world in the future.

(7) The research of the development problems of Qi Sport under the background of Artificial Intelligence.
This project analyses the combination problem between Qi sport and four main industries under “Information Economy 1.0” (Searching Engine, E-commerce, Online Game and Instant Messaging) and three main industries under “Information Economy 2.0 (Internet of Things, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence) in order to elaborate the good functions that information technology and internet technology have on Qi sport.

(8) The research of the development of Qi sport service and industry.
This project not only insists the service property but also emphasizes the importance of its industry property at the first time. It explores the problems during the development of both sides, in order to realizegood and fast development of Qi sport, further more improve the Qi culture living standards of citizens.

(X) Other Qi culture related projects.

1.2 Special Projects:
(1) Subentry Research of “Searching for the pattern that China genius Qi players become World Champion”.

At the early stage of this project, we find that this project is relevant to very broad areas of researching fields including the study of genius, pedagogy, psychology, especially psychology of child development and pedagogy of exceptional children etc. Here we invite specialists from relative subjects to participate in the subentry research of this project, producing a group of high qualityresearchachievements to provide theoretic basis for the next step of making universal experimental scheme of “the model of producing genius Qi children to become world champion”. At the same time, we intend to invite several world champion or national champion to present their experience of success.

(2) The Research of MultipleIntelligence Theory and its relationship with the development of Qi industry.

Qi, especially Weiqi, is not only a kind of competitive sports, but also a special tool for developing children’s intelligence. Therefore it is also called mental exercise.
Under the impact of AI has on Qi sport, this project aims for exploring the inner relationship between cultivation of multiple intelligence and development of Qi sport based on the multiple intelligence theory of a famous American developmental psychologist Howard Gardner.

(3) The Research of the growing pattern of top Weiqi players under the angle of big data.
This project intends to explore the growing pattern of top professional Weiqi players based on the big data analysis of Weiqi sport with quantitative research method, to provide special theoretical angle for the development of Weiqi career.

2. Funding Measure

In order to motivate the enthusiasm of contributors to participate in Qi Culture Research, increase the level and quality of projects, Hangzhou Branch of China Qi-Yuan decides to provide funding for those who bid.For application form please see Appendix 1.

(1) Funding objects
Both individual and group can bid for project. Those who already received other funding cannot bid.
After the assessment of experts organized by Hangzhou Branch of China Qi-Yuan, those shortlisted essays will receive corresponding research funding support.

(2) Funding levels
According to the level of difficulty and workload, projects will be classified into three degrees: Most important projects, important projects and general projects.
Most important projects will receive the funding support of 20,000 RMB;
Important projects will receive the funding support of 10,000 RMB;
General projects will receive the funding support of 5,000 RMB.
All the funds are tax included.

(3) Funding management
Funding projects take effects after the announcement published on the website of Hangzhou Branch of China Qi-Yuan. Author and Qi-Yuan need to sign “Project Funding Agreement” (see Appendix2)

3. Assessment Criteria

(1) Scientificity. Submitted Papers can use systematic and scientific theory to have research on Qi culture. The theoretical foundation and research methods should be with high scientificity.
(2) Innovativeness. Submitted papers can propose original opinion, innovative theory and practice with clear thought and incisive analysis.
(3) Perspectiveness. Submitted papers can put forward the research of related regions, fill the unknown research area.
(4) Practicalness. Submitted papers can keep a foothold on the present practical situation of Qi culture development and combine theory and practice together efficiently.

4. Final paper requirement

(1) The final paper should be academic essay. All works should be original and have not been published before.
(2) Funding project group or individual has to submit at least 1 paper to the 6th (2018) China Hangzhou International Qi Culture Conference.
(3) Word limit is 5,000-20,000 Chinese words, maximum 30,000 words. Format should be general academic format.
(4) The copyright belongs to author while Hangzhou Branch of China Qi-Yuan has the right to promote (publishing, digitizing, etc.) and reprint in any format without informing nor paying any fees to the author.
(5) Those who do not submit research achievements before deadline, or submit essays which are examined by experts as unqualified, will be forced to start default procedure.

5. Incentives

(1) All shortlisted paper after the examination of experts will be forwarded to the 6th (2018) China Hangzhou International Qi Culture Conference. According to the arrangement of Organizing Committee, authors will have the chance to do presentations.
(2) All satisfactory papers will be adopted in the special Qi culture research book and each author will gain one of that books.
(3) According to the editing and publishing procedure of ‘Qi Culture Encyclopedia’, part of excellent papers will be adopted to ‘Qi Culture Encyclopedia----Research Papers’.
(4) All submitted papers will participate in the competition for the 6th(2018) China Hangzhou International Qi Culture Conference Excellent Papers. Excellent Paper Selection Measure will be exposed later. The reward principle is as following:
First Prize: 30,000 RMB
Second Prize: 20,000 RMB
Third Prize: 10,000 RMB
Excellent Shortlisted Prize: 2,000 RMB
All the prizes are after-tax.

6. Methods to apply

(1) Please fill the Project Application Form (See Appendix1) and submit it to gjqwhfh@126.com before 25thDecember 2017, or mail to Hangzhou Branch of China Qi-Yuan.
Contact: Gao Tingshan, tel: 86-0571-28057353, 86-18626875250
Zhang Yuanbo, tel: 86-0571-28176127, 86-13486195060
Address: Office 410, Hangzhou Branch of China Qi-Yuan, 2 Qianchao Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, 310020.
(2) If papers are found plagiarized, imitated, recomposed or using others’ name, Hangzhou Branch of China Qi-Yuan will cancel its qualification to apply. Those with funding support already will be forced to taken back. Those with the behavior of tort will take legal responsibility.
(3)Please read the announcement carefully, after filling the application form, it means to agree all the requirements listed.
(4)The interpretation right of this announcement belongs to Hangzhou Branch of China Qi-Yuan.

Appendix 1: Project Application Form
Appendix 2: Project Funding Agreement

Hangzhou Branch of China Qi-Yuan
25th November 2017

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Re: Конференція з культури Го, Hangzhou, China

Сообщение Dmitriy » 25 дек 2017, 19:19

Питання - хтось спромігся на щось?