The International Network Go Organization

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The International Network Go Organization

Сообщение Dmitriy » 30 мар 2014, 21:04

Dear Sir or Madam:

Invitation to INGO (International Network Go Organization)

I am writing this letter on behalf of the International Network Go Organization (INGO in short). My name is Isao Yamashita and I am acting as the President of INGO which was established in May 2011. INGO was planned as a site on which anybody in the world can enjoy the game of Go freely on internet regardless of country, political or religious background of the players. The system is managed without too much cost and there is no charge to become a registered member.
On INGO, games are played on our internet site just like traditional mail go in which information of moves was communicated by exchange of post cards. We do the same thing using our internet site which we call “Network Go”.
If you are interested in it, please peek the home page at the home page at the following address:
We now have about 606 registered members from 24regions who showed interest in participating in INGO and 1600 games are being played at the present moment.
We would be very pleased if you could let people in your region know about INGO so that anybody interested in it can join us freely. If you are interested in the information, we can easily check how many existing members are registered from your region. Although we are not in a position to be able to disclose names and address of such members, we will be able to deliver your message to each member from your region on behalf of your organization. If there is a need or in case you have questions about INGO, please do not hesitate to write to me.

I earnestly hope that our effort will bring many lovers of Go to our site and your kind cooperation will be much appreciated.
Thank you for your support.

Yours faithfully
Isao Yamashita
The International Network Go Organization