AI гобан

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AI гобан

Сообщение Antony » 15 янв 2021, 21:28

AI гобан для ленивых и богатых(~900$) :)

A bit of description.

1. Go-Board (4.3kg): AI will show its move with a light on the spot.
2. Stones(B:183, W:182): All stones have sensor in it.
3. Wifi and electricity MUST needed.
4. Do not put heavy materials on it.
5. You can choose to play against AI from the lowest to the highest level.
6. You are able to study with records of AI vs. AI matches, top professionals’ games, some sort of life and death, openings, etc.
7. Language (Korean, Chinese, English)
8. Kyu Level - Leela Zero
Dan Level - Kata Go
Super Level - Golaxy

If you want to know the information about the board, please contact with KIBA Baduk:
KIBA Baduk has a sale exclusive right.