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Ежегодник from Amsterdam

Сообщение Dmitriy » 15 дек 2016, 14:15

Dear member countries of the European Go Federation,

My name is Kim Ouweleen, I will be writing the European Go Yearbook 2016 for the EGF.
The yearbook will cover game records, background information and photos of the most important tournaments in Europe and the biggest successes in European go in 2016.
I also want to include all the national championships from each country, and for this I would like to ask you if you could send me the following information:

As much information on your national championship as possible, in English:
- Date and place
- Results (standings)
- Photos
- Game records: if possible one game played by the champion (+ game commentary if available)

I will mention the 2016 champion of each country, please provide the following information for the male and female champion:
- Name
- Rank
- Portrait photo
- Year of birth
- If applicable: how many times champion before, in which years
- Personal note from the champion: what about go attracts him/her

I welcome any information and would be very grateful for it.
If you would like to share more information about go in your country, please do, this could be very nice for the yearbook.
Please note that the original authors of articles or stories will be properly credited in the yearbook.

All the best from Amsterdam,

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Re: Ежегодник from Amsterdam

Сообщение December » 15 дек 2016, 15:10

Сделаем. До какого числа это всё надо?