Leela zero on Android

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Leela zero on Android

Сообщение Antony » 18 дек 2018, 23:54

Программа Ah Q Go впервые официально появилась в Google Play:
https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... android.aq
С её помощью можно анализировать партии, играть против компьютера, загружать для анализа партии из базы профессионалов.
Внутри есть целых 4 движка: Leela Zero, AQ, Ray и Pachi. Возможно выбрать себе соперника в диапазоне от 20-кю до 9-дана про.
Подходит как для новичков, так и для профессионалов.
Также можно заставить программы играть между собой, наблюдая за происходящим с чашечкой чая в руках :)

официальный сайт: http://ezandroid.cn/

Описание приложения из Google Play:

Код: Выделить всё

The strongest Go app employing Deep Learning technology!

Ah Q Go integrates 4 engines including LeelaZero[30K-9D], AQ[5D-8D], Ray[10K-5K], Pachi[18K-10K] that have different difficulty levels.
The highest level of LeelaZero engine has achieved 9d in FoxGo rating!

You can use Analyse/Review mode to review your games, or use play mode to play game with AI, or even use the battle mode to let two AIs play.

Enjoy it! ^_^


1. Support 4 engines
You can choose engines of different difficulty according to your own level, then fine tune the level of AI by setting the time and other parameters.

2. Support Analyse/Review mode
You can analyse your games, look for slip or tesuji, and improve your level.

3. Support Play/Battle mode
You can play game with AI or watch the fight between AIs

4. Support automatic horizontal and vertical screen detection
Perfect support on mobile phones, tablets and even televisions!

5. Support 9 beautiful board and stone themes
Up to 9 pleasing board and stone themes, different themes even support different sound effects

6. Support 3 input methods
You can choose from single tap, double tap or confirm button

7. Support import and export SGF file
You can import and continue your game.

8. Support Gokifu/Tencent/Sina online SGF
Here you can get real-time updated kifu

* Operation requirements of LeelaZero engine *
Android system version needs 6.0 and above, and only supports ARM architecture CPU!